“Secret” penetrates Nikko Johkasou’s wastewater treatment tank factory

Curious about the Nikko Johkasou tank production process, what stages must the product go through before being applied to a specific project? Is the production process guaranteed? Let’s join our team to infiltrate a Nikko factory.

Please watch the clip.

As you can see, although the stages are performed automatically by machines, there is always a team of skilled workers and engineers closely monitoring, ensuring stable operation. All products are thoroughly checked for quality before being shipped, in compliance with Japan’s strict standards.

Leaving the factory, we were very pleased with the exciting experience we had just seen. With a modern and advanced closed production line, with strict censorship stages, ensuring strict standards, the pictures recorded here are a reliable proof of the peace of mind and absolute trust of our partners and customers in the Nikko Johkasou wastewater treatment tank product line distributed by VESA./.

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Best Regards./.