Airport wastewater treatment

Wastewater characteristics

Airport wastewater originates mainly from domestic wastewater of passengers, relatives and airport staff. This amount of water accounts for the largest volume of the total daily generated wastewater volume of the airport.

In addition, airport wastewater also arises from the following sources:

Wastewater from the restroom on the plane. This amount of wastewater has been pre-treated with fecal matter using an enzyme capable of decomposing feces in water.
Wastewater cleaning the floor of the reception area, offices, carriages on the plane, …
For some airports with food service facilities, wastewater is also generated in the kitchen area.

Airport wastewater is mainly domestic wastewater, so it has the same properties as a normal domestic wastewater. CDO, BOD, SS, coliform, etc. components are average. Suitable for biological treatment.