VESA becomes a member of the Innovation Solution Group

VESA is pleased and proud to be a member of the Innovation Solution Group (ISG).



ISG is a group of leading enterprises in the fields of Industry, Civil, Agriculture, New Energy. The group has achieved many successes and built absolute trust with many customers across the country.

ISG operates in many fields:

  • Pumps and pumping systems
  • Save Energy/Fuel
  • Technology of combustion, boiler
  • Automation & Measurement and Control
  • Light
  • Car charging station
  • Electric cable
  • Waste water treatment, water supply
  • Automatic door gate, access control
  • Exhaust gas and solid waste
  • Electronic scales
  • Residual heat energy
  • Industrial and civil air compressors
  • OPV Solar Power
  • Solar
  • One-way power solution

ISG provides products, services, construction, deployment and technology transfer for projects aiming to save energy, be environmentally friendly, reduce industrial emissions for a Green Environment.

Currently, in addition to providing existing products and services, companies in ISG jointly invest in research to provide energy saving and efficient solutions as well as technology solutions. world leader in the fields of renewable energy, high-tech agriculture.


                                                                                      Reference from publication ISG Profile