VESA – Prestigious and quality electrical construction contractor

When building wastewater and clean water treatment systems, every investor wants to choose a reputable and quality contractor. How to install and construct these systems in a scientific, cost-effective and efficient manner is one of the important requirements set for contractors.

Through many years of experience in construction of wastewater treatment systems, VESACO is one of the leading units in Vietnam in the field of repair, design, installation and construction of electricity – automatic control with wastewater treatment system, clean water. With a skilled, professional team with a serious, enthusiastic and dedicated working attitude, we are committed to handling all your questions and concerns, besides also using the system construction service. best quality electrical system.

Electrical-automation systems designed, supplied and installed by VESACO must meet the following criteria before handing over to customers:

  • Electrical cabinets and installation will be designed according to drawings, project regulations and meet IEC standards.
  • Use of materials must ensure the right quality and type required in the design and according to the requirements of the investor.
  • Ensure electrical safety, insulation and leakage current with electrical cabinets and electrical equipment.

The electrical system – automation is a very necessary and indispensable system in every building, but is your system safe and convenient? And how to build M&E to ensure safety, convenience, limit incidents and reasonable price. VESACO will help you to solve the above problems, we guarantee to bring you the right products with the best quality and requirements. We are very happy and honored to be selected by your business as a companion. For more details and specific advice please contact us.

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