Hello Spring 2020

On January 6, 2020, VESA Water and Sanitation Company Limited held a Gala program “Hello Spring 2020” with many exciting activities, sharing the joyful atmosphere of the whole nation to welcome the new year.


Opening is a sports program with outdoor fun activities and fun team games. In particular, the football match is considered a heroic match despite the cold rain. In the end, VESA-Electronic Scales won the championship with an overwhelming score of 4-1. The pictures below this article can see the ultimate joy of the winners.


The cultural gala program took place with many elaborately and carefully rehearsed performances performed by the company’s employees. The songs have the theme of praising the couple’s love, associated with the love of the motherland, love of the spring of the country. The flexible dance performances from the accounting department add shimmering and youthful colors. All have converged to create a vibrant and attractive cultural program, the atmosphere is full of joy and excitement.


At the end of the series of activities, there was a lucky draw and awards for excellent employees of the company. The Gala program has brought a bustling and vibrant atmosphere to the entire leadership and employees of the company, contributing to improving the cultural and spiritual life and also being a practical source of spiritual encouragement to welcome the new year 2020 with many new victories and achievements.


Some pictures of the program