Meeting with a delegation of Japanese experts at the headquarters of VESA

There was a meeting between VESA and a delegation of experts from Japan at VESA’s office on this morning, January 12, 2023. The experts are representatives from agencies/organizations including: Global Environmental Center Foundation (GEC), Daicen Membrane Systems Company and Osaka Industrial University.

At the meeting, Mr. Tetsuo Minami, Head of International Cooperation Department – GEC introduced an overview of the project “Promoting wastewater reduction and water reuse through membrane treatment for wastewater containing high concentration oil in Vietnam”. He said that the feasibility of the project is being carefully evaluated through many visits and working with many parties in Vietnam. This is the 3rd visit which is also considered as the last working trip to end the fiscal year 2022 of Japan.

Next, Dr. Shuji Nakatsuka, the representative of Daicen company briefly introduced the scale and field of operation of his company. He detailed the operating technology of the tubular membrane filter module, which is suitable for industrial plants where the production wastewater contains high oil content, small and medium capacity, less than 10m3/day. Accordingly, the water after treatment is of reusable quality and concentrated water – then it will be treated like industrial waste. This contributes significantly in reducing the burden of hazardous waste disposal costs.

VESA has made a point of assessment that this is a new, advanced and highly feasible technology for Korean and Taiwanese FDI enterprises located in large industrial zones in the North of Vietnam. VESA is very eager and confident with its resources and many years of experience in the field of wastewater and clean water treatment, which can become a reliable partner in deploying, applying and popularizing tubular membrane technology in Vietnam.

At the end of the meeting, the two sides exchanged meaningful souvenirs and took intimate photos, promising good cooperation opportunities in the future.

More information about the Global Environment Center Foundation (GEC):

GEC was established in 1992. GEC’s main field of activity is to collect, provide information and transfer Japanese environmentally friendly technologies to developing countries, contributing to raising public awareness. on global environmental issues.

Detailed activities of the Global Environment Centre Foundation are as follows:

  • Sends national experts and general staff to the UNEP/IETC Osaka for supporting and co-operating with its activities.
  • Conducts research and studies on global environmental protection for the big cities in developing countries.
  • Collects and provides information on Japanese environmental technologies for other countries. Disseminates newsletters and annual reports in order to raise interest in environmental issues.
  • In cooperation with organizations such as the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), conducts training for government officials, engineers and researchers of developing countries on environmental technology and policy making in the field of air pollution control and urban solid waste management.
  • Plans and hosts international conferences and symposiums; conducts seminars in order to promote the public awareness on environmental issues.
  • Exchanges information with other international institutions and governments on urban environmental management in developing countries.

Some pictures from the meeting: